The demand for modern digital display is continuously improving. LED screen is extensively used on various occasions and helping to make the event more highlighted.  Earlier people were not much aware of the LED screen, whereas now, they prefer to choose the best LED screen in Dubai. There are different indoor and outdoor preferences of LED. So, are you confused to choose the perfect LED for you? Do you know what factors you need to figure before renting an LED? Where will you find the genuine priced and high-quality product for your event? Such questions are there to mull over; however, we, at PixelPLUS own all the solutions for your queries. Yes, you heard it right as PixelPLUS is the name for all your LED rentals in Dubai.  We have extended our LED business in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah and continuously progressing in other parts of UAE as well.  To clear your doubt, there are distinct features to notice while purchasing an LED screen. One must consider it as per their indoor and outdoor setup. Also, instead of buying an LED, we certainly believe that a rental LED would work the same way for you. Buying a product sometimes doesn’t fit everyone’s budget. Therefore we at PixelPLUS would list the top qualities to rent an LED screen in DubaiInstallation Location We cannot place it anywhere in the indoors or outdoors without making the proper setup. It is required to choose a particular location where lighting needs to be understood. Usually in indoor places like banks, government offices, models with single or dual color screen work. Moreover, an indoor full-color screen is beneficial in cinema, shopping centers,s and showrooms to display every type of advertisement.  Outdoor setup requires an acceptable quality and setting system to make viewers enjoy the uncompromised view. It can be used anywhere in commercial buildings, stadiums,s or shopping centers to uplift the event’s setup.  Brightness Advertising LED screen would offer higher brightness compared to other LED TVs and screens. Brightness is generally measured by candelas per m2 or nits; therefore, the more the brightness, the higher the luminosity level. If you would buy your LED with such an amazing display, it could affect your pocket. Hence, it is essential to choose LED on rent to fulfill the need of time. Rental LED in Dubai assists in accomplishing the requirement in a lower budget, but high in brightness.  The brightness would vary as per indoor and outdoor setup. Indoor may require ≥6000 CD units while outdoor may need ≥5000 to ≥60000 CD units depending on the weather.  LED Display Distance Another consideration factor is the location to place an LED screen in Dubai. LED must be placed keeping in view the setup for viewers so that it could be easily noticed. Proper corners and distance are needed to use an LED screen.  So, these are some considerable points before you step to choose LED on rent. There is no need to rush as it could affect your presence. [/av_textblock]