Are you contemplating changing all of your CFL and incandescent lighting in your home with LED lighting? PixelPLUS on your decision! You can save time and money by purchasing these lights from PixelPLUS is the most reliable online COB LED light. If you look through the options of lights, you’ll find many options to pick from. To make the best decision, you must first be aware of the different types of LED lighting. Therefore, the next time you visit a COB LED light in Dubai, you can request the appropriate lighting fixtures for LED according to your requirements and preferences. For more details on cob led you can contact PixelPLUS in Dubai


The Cob LED light bulbs are divided into different kinds based on their shape. There are three types: 


The spotlight: this kind of light will work great for task lighting.


GLS (GLS): Constructed to resemble classic incandescent bulbs, GLS LEDs can be used for ambient lighting.


Candle: The light is made in the form of candles and is ideal for accent and decorative lighting.


Forming like golf balls, they are ideal for ambient and decorative lighting.


Reflectors: The types of LEDs are utilized in public areas such as restaurants, museums, galleries, and commercial establishments, as well as workplaces where bright ambient lighting is needed. The reflective material behind the LED increases the light, making the area appear brighter.


Tubes are designed like conventional tube lighting; these LEDs provide ambient lighting.


In contrast to the traditional tube lights, these bulbs do not quickly blacken and provide lasting usage. There are many more types of! Check on the PixelPLUS website, for example, for different types!


If you go through the catalog of the online COB Strip Lighting Dubai, You can explore the many shades of LED lights that are available. The most popular colors are cool white amber, magenta, yellow cool white green, red, orange, and ultraviolet. There are also color-changing lights to provide decorative lighting.


Cob LED lights can be classified into two kinds by their structure. They can be classified as:


Chips in the Control Board (COB) light up.


In this kind of light, multiple diodes and chips are employed in the making. This produces a uniform light beam ideal as a general light source. It also decreases the energy used and prolongs the lamp’s lifespan.


Surface-mounted Device light


In this COB LED-based construction, it is evident how the LEDs have been directly connected to the circuit boards printed on. This means more connectivity, brighter light, and less energy use. Also, the area required is decreased, making it simpler to design smaller bulbs.


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