Indoor LED Products


ECO Series PixelPLUS

ECO Series Economical LED Display Pixel Pitch (mm): 2.5 – 5

ECO Series Overview

Flexible Modules Series PixelPLUS

Flexible Modules Series Ultra-High Definition LED Pixel Pitch (mm): 2.5 – 3

Flexible Modules Overview

Indoor Cabinet Series PixelPLUS

Indoor Cabinet Series Lightweight LED Pixel Pitch (mm): 1.25 – 3

Cabinet Series Overview

Interactive Series PixelPLUS

Interactive Series All-In-One HD LED Video Display 75″ – 85″

Interactive Series Overview

LED Banner Series PixelPLUS

LED Banner Series Self-Contained LED Pixel Pitch (mm): 1.86 – 2.5

LED Banner Series Overview

Transparent Series PixelPLUS

Transparent Series Transparent LED Pixel Pitch (mm): 3.9 – 10.0

Transparent Overview

Floor LED Series PixelPLUS

Floor LED Series Floor Tile LED Pixel Pitch (mm): 3.9 – 10.0

Floor LED Overview

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