Are you unaware of the modern LED displays? Do you want to know more about this LED signage technology? Well, to consider varied resolutions, terms and elements come into contemplation out of which you can choose your supreme option. There are numerous indoor and outdoor displays to help you move forward with confidence!

What is LED?

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode semiconductor device emitting light through it. It has a longer lifespan which can be utilized for all high-resolution purposes. It is highly seen in public and private spaces, working successfully for businesses and advertising.

What purpose can LED solve?

LEDs can be beneficial for multiple purposes such as:

  • It can help to customize the message to promote deals, inform users about services, introduce new products and advertising.
  • It can be effective in tailoring the content as per the market. On the other hand, it can enhance brand loyalty among customers.
  • It can make a product look effective and help users visualize it properly by seeing it on the LED.

How to choose the relevant size?

Another triggering factor for many users is the size to select for their LED. However, it is not a hard nut to crack as per the size and space, you can choose the appropriate LED. If you opt for indoors, LED would be placed in corners of the room or at the front to make the things visible to the audience. However, LED outdoor such as billboards or LED signage can be suitable where viewers have a passage.

What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch is the distance from one placed LED to the other LED which, gets measured in millimeters. In the case of a larger pixel pitch, the resolution would be lower, while in a small pixel pitch, the resolution would be higher. To confirm dimensions and technical points, you must consider an expert team that PixelPlus definitely possess. Our team resonate the requirements you have and work in a similar manner.

What is IP rating?

Among multiple technical points of LED, it could be possible that you are unsure about it. IP rating is two digits number showing the effectiveness of a sealing display. The first digit exhibits the ingress protection against dirt, dust and such elements, while the second secure from rain and other liquid things.

These terms might not be clear to you, and very rare explain about it; however, PixelPlus undoubtedly sells the finest products and make sure that purchased LED works efficiently.

Who can use LED?

Well, we deem that every running institution, business, organization, the school has the right to use it to grow. In the techno-based era, it is highly suggested to use ultra-tech LED to bring your business in front of users.

Let us change the world!