85 inch Digital Whiteboard (Android + Windows)


  • Aluminum alloy frame, sandblasted and anodized on the surface, iron case back cover, active heat dissipation;
  • 4mm physical tempered anti-riot glass; enhance visual effects and enhance touch experience;
  • High-speed 20-point touch writing experience, better roundness and faster writing speed;
  • Use the internationally accepted OPS slot, integrated plug-in design, easy to upgrade and maintain, there is no external connection line of the computer module. Front expansion port: 1 PC-USB, 1 full channel-USB, 1 HDMI input, 1 TOUCH USB, convenient for users to use external devices.
  • The front of the speaker output to prevent the sound effect from deteriorating due to the embedded environment;
  • Child lock function, the button function can be shielded by setting;
  • Support gestures to pull up the menu, the menu can quickly adjust the brightness and sound, and switch the signal source.
  • The front button can be started by one button, and the screen and the host can be turned on and off at the same time, and the operation is simple and convenient. Android 8.0 / Windows-10 system support, multi-theme system setting and switching at any time, boot LOGO setting customization, and other functions.
  • The system comes with functions such as screen projection, electronic whiteboard, comments, etc.
  • The screen assembly process adopts zero-fit technology to make the display screen naturally clear and transparent.



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