The world around us is evolving with new and better inventions every day. As technology improves daily, people thrive to know more about the technology they use in day-to-day life. After mobile phones, the invention of LEDs has proven to be extremely practical and advantageous in many ways. LED Display (light-emitting diode display) is a screen display technology that emanates light from a panel of LEDs. Electronic devices like mobile phones, TVs, tablets, computer monitors, laptop screens, etc., use a LED display to display their output. LEDs can fit in any size and shape, and viewing capacity is not influenced by daytime or brighter areas. Thus, LED screens to push both creative and productive boundaries keeping in mind both the physical build and the content being formed.

If you are planning to buy a sleek LED screen for commercial or household purposes, don’t forget to be extra careful about the screen resolution of LED screens. The display resolution of LED display devices is the number of different pixels in each dimension that is being displayed. Resolution is the crucial measurement of how much information a screen shows depending upon the total number of pixels within the display area and determines the quality of the image.

It is usually recounted as width × height, with the units in pixels: for example, “1024×768” means the width is 1024 pixels, and the height is 768 pixels.

The LED Display consists of an LED unit board; the pixel pitch and LED screen size are below. For any prominent LED screen, the procedure to calculate the specification of LED video display is as follows:

● Full color P6 outdoor LED Display: 192mm × 192mm

● Full color P8 outdoor LED display (small board): 256mm × 128mm

● Full color P8 outdoor LED display (Big board): 320mm × 160mm

● Full-colour P10 outdoor LED display: 320mm × 160mm

● Full color P12 outdoor LED Display: 192mm × 192mm

● Full color P16 outdoor LED Display: 256mm × 128mm

Various LED display companies have various module dimensions. To show a good quality video on the LED Display, it will need a total resolution of 50,000 pixels. They are buying an LED as per the size, quality, environment, and purpose co-dependents on your need and the work that has to be done. You need not panic about installation or services as PixelPLUS is here for you. Buying LEDs is a one-time investment, and PixelPLUS understands that. PixelPLUS, a renowned brand in Dubai, offers a broad scope of LED Display Screens to upgrade your resolution. PixelPLUS has arisen as a leading LED Display creator and is known for its quality item and administrations. Their LED screens are of premium quality and bring an excellent level of picture quality