LED walls are large screens emitting light diodes displaying audio, visual and video content. To say it simply, it is a massive wall where perfect pictures videos can be digitalized in continuity. LED is a source that not only can make outdoor display attractive but even bring changes indoors.

How to choose an LED wall?

The market is flooded with numerous options having sizes, brightness, color, rates, maintenance, access and many more. However, you cannot trust any random person to buy it as technicalities are needed, and for this, PixelPlus is a well-known name in the LED industry.

Our customer support team assists in commercial, technical and many other important features. Our team comprehends the requirement, understands the purpose and suggests using it indoors, outdoor and behind the window glass.  Along with it, by knowing the perfect distance of the viewers from the screen, we assist the proper location.

Features of LED Wall

Numerous features of LED wall screen have swayed the market and technological world. The prior technical characteristic of the LED wall is the “pixel pitch” where the distance of adjacent pixels is understood properly. Also, the color setting, size of LED, setting of other LEDs at one place is checked meticulously.

How does it work?

LED walls are increasingly in demand among consultants, creatives, architects, designers who desire to digitize their products and services in a larger audience. PixelPlus is a name in UAE having roots around tech-savvy experts. Our work is to supply the best quality screen and promise to do the top-notch work.

We have our services running, giving remote management or even on-site management to make your job stress-free. Once we install it indoors or outdoors, in shopping malls or cinemas, television studios or at transportation junction, we keep a proper check.

Why to choose LED?

There is no doubt that people may contemplate its uses. The core reason is the attention of users, which is the fuel of your business. The updated content, great picturization and proper audio are what makes it unique and catchy for customers.

Bring outdoor can benefit from covering a large number of audience and help them get glued to your brand or service while indoor would bring clarity and every slide would make the audience know the detail properly.

Will it be expensive?

Well, depending on the product you choose and the features you want, the rates will vary. PixelPlus LED walls are under budget, and we believe that it would be a great investment for the coming future. Our products are quality checked and leave no corner unturned in specifications too.

We can gladly say that for all LED screen related queries, PixelPlus is always around.