Outdoor Transparent LED


With up to 68 percent transparency, Outdoor Transparent Series LED is an outdoor transparent LED screen designed for fixed installation in Dubai buildings with a glass façade. Outdoor transparent LED screens will not block the view and they are safe and approved to be used in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. This makes it the perfect solution for outside buildings, larger outdoor architectural elements, or even creative lower resolution applications for large format digital signage. To ensure that your show is always vivid, the high brightness of the DIP LEDs will overshadow any direct sunlight. The architecture of the Outdoor Transparent LED Series is extremely thin and lightweight, making installation simpler and cost-effective. You can easily connect it to a regular T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion using our Fast Lock System.

The following pixel pitches are eligible for Outdoor Transparent Series (horizontal / vertical): 8.33mm/12.5 mm, 15.6mm/31.25 mm, 31.25mm/31.25 mm

HIGH BRIGHTNESS LEDS To ensure that your show looks pristine in direct sunlight, Outdoor Transparent Series LED panels feature DIP LEDs that have a brightness of 10,000 Nit. The 12.5mm/8.33 mm variant has a brightness of 8,000 Nit SMD LEDs.

IP 67 RATED FLEXAir is an outdoor product rated IP 67 and designed to withstand unfavorable weather conditions.

LIGHTWEIGHT In almost every commercial application, the Outdoor Transparent Series LED panel’s slim profile provides innovative and artistic advantages.

TRANSPARENT Up to 68 per cent translucent, Outdoor Transparent Series LED displays can be mounted on the outside of a window without compromising natural light in your room.

QUICK LOCK SYSTEM For quick installation on the aluminum substructure, our lock system makes it possible.

DATA & POWER CONNECTION Our proprietary layout brings both power and data into a single connection.

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